Prerelease Events!

Three events for Commander Legends – Baldur’s Gate!

Proof of vaccination is REQUIRED for anyone attending any events at Canton Games!  Bring your vax card, or at least a picture of it, or you will not be allowed to play!

Friday FNM – 7:00 PM

We’re replacing our regular FNM draft with a Commander Legends – Baldur’s Gate Prerelease draft!  You’ll have one promo card to start with, then you’ll draft three packs – two cards at a time, and use those to build your Commander deck with!  Prizes will be in the form of promo packs, and everyone will get a Set booster just for showing up!

Saturday Main Event – 12:00 PM

Signups begin at 11:00 when we open the store.  At noon, we’ll move down to Mayuree Thai Tavern, where we’ll draft, build decks and play the actual event.

Sunday Main Event – 12:00 PM

Just like before, we’ll be taking signups in the store and playing at Mayuree Thai Tavern.

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