Board Games

board-gamesCanton Games has the largest board and card game selection available in Maryland – over 300 different games in stock, and thousands more available by special order.

The following is a small sample of the game lines that we carry:

  • Traditional board games such as Clue, Risk, Life, Rummikub, and many more
  • Monopoly including licensed and other variants
  • European style board games, such as Settlers of Catan
  • Classic games such as Chess, Backgammon, and Dominos
  • Poker supplies including chips and playing cards
  • Educational games from Thinkfun, Gamewright, and many others

We carry near complete product lines for these great game companies:

  • Rio Grande Games – including the entire line of Carcassonne
  • Mayfair Games – Including the popular Settlers of Catan games
  • Fantasy Flight – Their entire line including Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror, Runebound, War of the Ring, Tide of Iron, Blue Moon, Wings of War
  • Avalon Hill including Axis and Allies and variants, Acquire and Diplomcy
  • Avalanche Press, GMT Games, and Multi-Man Publishing War games
  • Days of Wonder including Battlelore, Ticket To Ride, and Colosseum
  • Cranium – Over a dozen different games from this great company
  • Hasbro – Heroscape, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit
  • Looney Labs – Fluxx and Treehouse variants
  • Playroom Entertainment – Including the Killer Bunnies games
  • Scene It – We carry the complete line of these games
  • Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin, Ninja Burger, Chez Geek, and many other great games
  • Twilight Creations, Z-Man Games, Scene It, Asmodee, Educational Insights, and dozens more companies are represented in our stock

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