Check out these great weekly events at Canton Games!

Saturdays:  Free Open Board Gaming!

Join us every Saturday for totally free open gaming! We’ve got a huge wall full of demo games for you to come in and try, or you can feel free to bring in your own games. We’re always here to teach something new – if there’s a game you’re specifically looking to try, let us know and we’ll make sure there’s a copy here for you.

Sundays:  Magic Commander Tournament!

Bring your Commanders down and face off against some other awesome decks in this awesome event! Entry fee is $5, and you get a $5 gift die for signing up. Whenever you knock someone else out of the event, you take their die as your prize! If you’ve never played Commander Magic before, this is the event to go to!  We start a new tournament every 2 hours.

Mondays:  Magic Standard Showdown!

Come try out your Standard decks today!  Standard tournaments start at 6:00 with a $10 entry fee.  We give out Standard Showdown promo packs to everyone who attends, plus prizes every match win.

Tuesdays:  Keyforge!
Words about Keyforge!

Wednesdays:  Lady Planeswalker’s Society!

Join us every Wednesday night for some super casual Magic play! Our focus during LPS is to have a lot of fun and to help each other improve. This is the place to test out your wacky new 6 card combo deck that makes infinite squirrel tokens – not the “I’m going to win on turn 3 and there’s nothing you can do about it” deck.  Entry fee is $5, and you get it all back in store credit when you sign up.

Thursdays:  Dungeons & Dragons!

Roll up a character and grab some dice!  We’re running D&D every Thursday night starting at 6:00.  Entry fee is $5.  You don’t need any previous roleplaying experience to join in.

Fridays:  Friday Night Magic!

Join us every Friday night for a Magic booster draft!  Entry fee for this event is $15.


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