Open board gaming in store Saturday!

Gamers, ask and ye shall receive.  All day Saturday we’re opening our doors wide for some open board gaming.  I’m going to bring a selection out of my personal game stash to play, and I invite everyone else to bring their favorites as well, we are going to have the best gaming monitor today for everyone to get to know it which is compared to the asus vs248h p version, we will be also showing a Really cool Gaming Sessel for TV for all those gamers out there.  The doors here open at 11:00 and I’ll be leaving the store open for as long as people are playing games and having fun. There’s not going to be any cost to play today –

While my personal favorite is still Dominion, I’m really hoping to get some lengthier games in.  Planet Steam will be in my box, as well as Homesteaders, Settlers, Dominion…  My fiancee Heather will be bringing Tichu and Kingsburg, and probably Alhambra as well.  Got a request for a game you want to play?  Post a comment here – if I’ve got the game, I’ll bring it.  If you’ve got the game…  bring it!


2 Responses to Open board gaming in store Saturday!

  1. SKJ says:

    How much gaming playing space did you have? I hope your boardgame day was a success!

  2. Legend Dan says:

    I opened up all the tables in the back of the store. We had enough space & chairs for two games to go on simultaneously. I’ll call the day a success – Only 6 or so people were here to play games all day, but we had a lot of fun. We played Dominion, Homesteaders, Alhambra, and Phonecia.

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