New Comic Book Day is here!

Welcome to the newest edition of New Comic Book Day!  We’ve got a lot of goods to go through this week.

Spider-Man is the big winner this week, with ASM 633 and 634 both hitting shelves simultaneously.  Maybe we just didn’t get one last week, I dunno.  But Shed concludes nicely, and the Grim Hunt begins with a bang.  “They’re hunting spiders…”  Web of Spider-Man, which I had always passed by before, has a pretty compelling story in it as well. New Avengers #1 shows Tony Stark begging Luke Cage for a dollar, and Deadpool goes to Vegas to bring down the House.

Brightest Day #4 is out, and the story finally begins to make sense.  Joker’s Asylum II shows off Harley Quinn and the Mad Hatter, both very good reads.  And for you zombie fans, The Walking Dead #73 has, surprisingly, very few zombies.  Could life finally be returning to normal?

As always, you can catch the full list at this link right here, and don’t forget to click on our Comic Subscriptions page to sign up for your new issues.

Have fun!

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