I know that art…

So we just got in the new D&D Book:  Player’s Strategy Guide.  Quote:  “For AWESOME Characters Only.”  I knew the cover art was familiar…

Recognize that?  Drawn by Mike Krahulik, better known as Gabe from Penny Arcade. Far out!  This is the real D&D instruction manual – light on the “how to build a character and when to roll the dice,” and heavy on the flavor, the “This is how you have fun playing the game” kind of deal.  If you’re one of the people who flat out hates 4th edition, give this book a glance and see if it changes your opinion any.

Also!  Free RPG Day is coming up soon!  June 19th, come to Canton Games and get free RPG supplements, expansions to popular board games, sales, and demos of roleplaying games all day long.  I’ve been collecting mini-campaigns that new players can sit down and have fun with without knowing the world of D&D inside and out.  If you’ve got a gaming group that wouldn’t mind doing a brief demo in the store, shoot me an email (legend.dan@gmail.com) and see what we can work out.  It promises to be fun.


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