New Comic Book Day!

Happy New Comic Book Day, everyone!  Let’s see what the shelves have for us today.

The X-Men second coming gets more and more interesting, with Blind Science showing us exactly what Hope is capable of.  Marvel Zombies 5 continues its leap over the shark.  Return of Bruce Wayne #2 gives some clever foreshadowing as to what’s in the future.  We’ve got a few new entries to the Brightest Day series.  My personal pick of the litter, though, is Thunderbolts #144.  Luke Cage is in the seat of power on the Raft, and he makes his personal picks as to who gets to sign on to his new team.  Did someone say Cain Marko?

The full list of this week’s comics can be found here:

As always, I appreciate the new members on my pull list.  You guys are awesome.  Someone got a freebie Avengers poster in their bag this week.

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