New Comic Book Day

Welcome one and all to New Comic Book Day 5/19!  Yes, I know that was yesterday.  Sorry, it’s been a little hectic around here.  But let’s ignore my shortcomings for now – Onward to comics!

The Heroic Age of Marvel comics has begun.  The good guys are free to be the good guys again.  The Avengers have rebooted, with everybody working on the same team again.  A plethora of interesting one-shots are on the shelf this week, giving the origins or histories of lots of characters that you might’ve missed out on if you’ve been out of comics for awhile.  Heroic Age Deadpool goes down to visit his old pal Weasel in Las Vegas, and gets to play in a giant robot.

DC’s War of the Supermen continues to amaze me.  It’s pretty terrible what a few minutes under a red sun can do to a Kryptonian race, and what a few seconds with them under a yellow sun can do to ours.  Brightest Day #2 is out, but in true DC form there’s too many storylines going on at once to make any of them truly interesting.  American Vampire #2 is out as well, if you’re a Stephen King fan.

Also, comic lovers – did you miss out on an older storyline?  Didn’t want to jump into the middle, or didn’t want to wait for the end of it?  I’ve spent the last couple days compiling comic bundles – complete storylines like the Blackest Night saga and Spider-Man’s Secret Wars, bundling them together and putting a discount price sticker on it.  Come on by and check some of them out.  If there’s another completed story that you’re looking for, just ask.  I should be able to put it together for you.

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