Weekend of Events

We’ve got two great events this weekend at Canton Games.

Saturday come in and learn how to play War Machine.  The last visit from our Press Ganger was a big hit, so it’s returning by popular demand.  Come in any time on Saturday and learn to play this fantasy miniatures game, totally free.

Surprise edit:  Due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control, the War Machine demo has been cancelled.  Instead, come in and learn how to play Diplomacy, in order to kick off our game via email.

Saturday, come on in and learn how to play the meanest game you’re ever likely to play – Diplomacy!  This is a great game of teamwork, making plans and alliances for turns in advance, before eventually turning around and stabbing your best friend in the back, taking over his territories and leaving him a broken, crying shell of a man.  Seriously.  That’s what happens.  This game is not to be taken lightly.  It’s been known to end in divorce.

Sunday we’re booster drafting again.  Three packs of Rise of Eldrazi and all the spawn tokens you can handle.  Last week I got a disgustingly fast red/green spawn deck that consistantly dropped down Eldrazi monsters on turns 5 and 6.  Everyone had a blast, so join us Sunday at 1:00 for more drafting fun.  Bring a friend – the prize pool goes up the more players we have.

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