New Comic Book Day!

And what a New Comic Book Day it is!  We’ve got so many new comic books in that I barely fit them all on the shelves.  And they’re good titles, too!  Check this out:

Siege #4 is in, along with three tie-ins and the “finale” farewell to the Sentry.  Don’t let the title fool you, though – the real epilogue to Siege is in the New Avengers one-shot.  We’ve also got two new pieces of World War Hulks, which is not nearly as cool as it should be.  I will give props for the art, though.  A hulked out version of Thor is not someone who’s bad side I want to be on.  And if you like watching other people’s lives suck, check out Amazing Spider-Man.  I can’t remember the last time Peter Parker had a good day.

DC brings us the Brightest Day Flash #2, Birds of Prey, and a very interesting JLA.  Superman:  War of the Worlds continues to amaze me, and Bruce Wayne is poking his head back up from the past.  There’s some very clever text in this one – you read from the point of view and the language of the cavemen, meaning you don’t (clearly) understand what Bruce is saying.

On a different note, I noticed a lot of new subscriptions this week.  Thank you, all of you!  I dropped a freebie previews comic in all of your bags this week.  If you like what you’re reading, tell a friend.  I don’t mind the extra pulls.

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