New Comic Book Day!

Hello to everyone!  I hope you all had as much fun during Free Comic Book Day as I did.  The clear winner of FCBD was DC, with War of the Supermen #0.  While being a good comic on its own it also did a great job of summing up everything that’s happened on New Krypton in the last year and getting everybody ready for War of the Supermen #1, which released today.  A  strong runner up was my personal pick off the freebie table, Incorruptable (and Irredeemable).  Those titles aren’t on the shelves yet, but we’ll carry them.  Marvel, I’m afraid, didn’t fare so well, with Iron Man & Nova beating up on some monkeys, and Iron Man and Thor going to the moon (presumably to beat up monkeys).  Anyway, on to this week’s comics:

As mentioned, War of the Supermen #1 is great.  It’s going to be released one issue per week throughout May, so you don’t have to wait long to see the whole story.  Batman and Robin hunt down Bruce Wayne in the past.  The Uncanny X-Men say goodbye to Kurt Wagner, which upset me in ways I’m not prepared to put down in text.  Alias (dollar issue!) shows off Luke Cage’s wife, while Deadpool visits a strip club.

Just to remind everybody, our Free Comic Book Day Week sales are still going on.  Back issues are 5 for $10 (last time this deal will ever be offered), high end collectables are down 20%, and we’re still giving $1 off each action figure.  The deals end on Friday, and I don’t want to hear any crying because you missed out.  I’ve given you plenty of chances.

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