Free Comic Book… WEEK?

That’s right, kids.  Free Comic Book Day is simply too cool to be contained in a minor 24 hour period, so we’re stretching it out all week long!  Starting on Friday, come on in to Canton Games to pick up your freebie and partake in ourmany sales.

First and foremost – it’s Free Comic Book Day!  Everybody who walks in the door gets to pick from one of our many FCBD stories.  Don’t think that they’re junk just because they’re free.  We’ve got Thor, the Tick, Iron Man teams up with everybody…  Mouse Guard in the first square comic book I’ve ever seen.  Lots of good stuff.  One is free, I’ll give you a second one if you buy anything in the store.

Now, let me remind you all of our great Graphic Novel sale.  30% off all Marvel and DC graphic novels, 20% off all the others.  On top of that, we have 60% off our Essential graphic novels collections.  These are black and white collections of classic comics – the early days of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and pretty much everyone else great.  You can pick up the equivalent of about 30 issues for less than $7.

Returning for this week only is our back issue sale.  5 back issues of any comic books for $10.  Repeat as many times as you’d like.  We’ve brought in many many boxes of comics to adorn our table space, so go to town on them.  We’ve got the complete Blackest Night saga, Spider-Man Gauntlet, and more Deadpool comics than you could shake a reasonably sized stick at.

I’ve pulled out two boxes worth of “kid comics” and we’re marking these down 25%, I recently bought some pull tabs for sale I found online as well.  These comics feature Disney characters like the Incredibles or the cartoonish, high-action low violence versions of Batman and the Super Friends.

Do not forget – if you sign up with Comixology (details on the comics subscription page) you can get 10% off all your regular comics.  Just write up your list, I’ll pull it every week and when you come in to pick it up I cut 10% off the price.  You cannot go wrong with that. We always bag and board our weekly comics and we don’t charge you anything for the service.  And if you sign up for a new subscription before Wednesday, your pickup will include one of every FCBD title we’ve got left in stock.

And if that weren’t enough, New Comic Book Day is today!  That’s right, newcomers.  Every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day.  All the new issues of everything go up on the shelf and you get to hear me give a brief blurb on three or four interesting titles every week!  Here’s what’s currently tickling my fancy:

Iron Man 2 (part 1 of 3) is now out in comic book form.  If you really can’t wait for the movie you can get your first teaser right here.  The first I am Iron Man comic was incredibly faithful to the movie, so this should be a fun read. X-Men fans, particuarly fans of a teleporting blue elf, should most definitely pick up X-Factor #23.  I don’t use the word “Must” often, but this one is a must read.  Four new additions to the Siege storyline, namely Thor and Thunderbolts.  The epilogue to Blackest Night is in the new Green Lantern Corps, and Deadpool takes the law into his own hands.

So there you have it!  A whole mess of reasons to come to Canton Games this weekend.  Have fun!

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