New Comic Book Day!

And a happy New Comic Book Day to you too!  Let’s see what the pages have in store for us…

We have the director’s cut of Blackest Night and a pair of preludes to brightest day.  Spider Man Seige shows us the uglier, naked side of Mac Gargan.  Supply your own censor bars.  We have a rediculous look at who won’t wield Captain America’s shield.  Deadpool and Headpool have their usual misadventures in Zombieland.  And you remember the Tick?  He puts his plumbing skills to the test and fights off the nefarious sewer mimes in an attempt to free Arthur from an invisible box.

I know you guys are getting excited for Free Comic Book Day next week.  We’re going to be getting up extra early:  9-7 on Saturday.  So come early, come often* and pick up your FCBD goodies here at Canton Games!

*That’s what she said.

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