Hello! I must be going…

20 points* to anyone who can name that quote.

So!  Game Con was awesome.  Vampire LARPS, Eldrazi drafts, Dominion games all day and Werewolf games all night.  Also got to meet Eric Ruth, the man who wrote an NES version of Left 4 Dead and CJ Henderson, author of many mythos books and guy who lent me his microwave (hot wings just aren’t the same cold).  We are very likely to go again next year, and I strongly encourage every single one of you to attend yourselves.

Which leaves me with a relaxing three days in the store before we run off to Game Days.  This is one of two conventions put on by the Games Club of MD every year.  This is the convention for open board gaming 24/7.  We will be the main vendor there, as we are at all the awesome local gaming conventions.  This is not a competitive convention – just a lot of gamers getting together to play games.  If you’ve been curious about some of the Euro games on our wall and you want to try it out before you buy one for yourself, or if you just want to have an awesome time for a weekend, go!  Information can be found here:  http://gamedays.gamesclubofmd.org/

*points earned in this manner are useless and cannot be redeemed for anything.  But at least you’re winning – 20 to nothing.

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