Batman’s Rogue Gallery

Something’s always bothered me about the dark knight.  How come so many of his villains come out of a chemical vat?

Take the Joker.  The most prevelant origin story has him falling into a vat of chemicals, bleaching his skin and hair.  Or Clayface, who falls into a vat of chemicals and gains shapeshifting powers.  Two-Face has a chemical vat explode onto half of his body, while Poison Ivy had them injected directly into her bloodstream. Mr. Freeze wears a chemical suit while Bane wears a chemical vat on his back.  Scarecrow uses a vat of chemicals to scare his foes witless, while the Man-Bat drinks the chemicals himself.

So if I were to move to Gotham City, I would start a company that sold chemical vats.  I mean hey – give the people what they want, right?

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