Magic: EDH Tournament Saturday!

The #1 most asked question amongst Magic players here is “When are you going to hold an EDH tournament?”  Finally, the answer is “Saturday, April 3rd at 12:00.”  The tournament is $5 to enter, and we supply all prizes.  I have some of the new DCI promo cards to give out to participants, as well as packs, play mats, and other good prize stuff.

If you haven’t heard of EDH yet, it’s the latest biggest Magic format.  EDH stands for Elder Dragon Highlander.  Your deck must be 100 cards, with no more than one of each card (not counting basic land).  In addition, you have a “general” – a legendary creature of your choice.  All cards in the deck must be of that general’s colors (or more precisely, no card may have any mana symbols in it that do not appear on your general’s card).  Your general can be cast from outside your deck whenever you could normally play him.  If your general dies for any reason, you can send him to the graveyard or back to the general zone, where he can be cast again for 2 mana more than the last time you played him.  If you deal 21 points of damage to your opponent with your general, you win automatically, regardless of his life total.  The best part of the format, though, is that you can use any card printed.  No worrying about the current standard format – use whatever cards you think will make your general shine.  There’s a small banned list here:

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