We got freebies! Come and get ’em!

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Well, first you can read about New Comic Book Day, and you’ll get your free stuff at the end.

First off, we have five new additions to Siege.  Let’s watch Asgard fall from six different perspectives, shall we?  There were people on that giant floating island…  and under it.  Next we’ve got Red Hulk #3 for a little more Hulk-falling action.  Three new deadpool comics – witness the death of Spider-Man first hand.  On the indy front, Nemesis makes Kick-ass look like $#!* (it says so on the cover) and The Guild comic comes straight from the internet phenomenom.  But most importantly, Green Lantern #52.  Watch as Sinestro steps into the light to become the first ever White Lantern.

Okay, if you were skipping past New Comic Book Day (and I know some of you were) here’s the freebies.  We’re having some sort of Clash of the Titans beach party.  We’ve got it all – T-shirts, beach balls, sleeveless shirts, sunscreen in an inappropriate package and sun visors.  I never saw the original Clash of the Titans, but based on our promotional material I can only assume it’s about bikini clad women playing volleyball.  So come on down to Canton Games and pick up, well, pretty much any of this free stuff you could want.

<edit:  I have never been more wrong in my entire life.>

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