Magic Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition

Hello, Magic players.  Allow me to take you back to the heyday of Magic – about 10 years ago.  The game was thick with flavor.  Thumbing through some random cards you could piece together the storyline behind the set.  None of this vague “planeswalkers are coming and doing stuff” story of today.  No, we had a great war.  Yawgmoth, leader of the Phyrexians (you know they’re the bad guys because they’re on the black cards) is invading Dominaria, with the intention of killing, enslaving and generally mutilating the crap out of every living thing on the plane.  Former enemies must put aside their past differences and form a coalition to defend the realm, or else everything dies.

Welcome back to those days.  We’ve got the new duel deck in – Phyrexia vs. the Coalition.  Two evenly matched decks – one mono black, artifact heavy deck for the Phyrexians (starring the game ending combo of Dark Ritual + Phyrexian Negator) versus the five color Coalition (Urza’s Rage and an army of 6/6 flying dragons).  Look for foil alternat art versions of Phyrexian Negator and Urza’s Rage, alternate art Armadillo Cloak and Living Death and a lot of cards you remember being awesome back in the day.

The duel decks are $19.99 for both, and if you come in and pick one up I’d be glad to play against you.  I’m dying to pull off a turn one Negator again.

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