New Comic Book Day

Once again, New Comic Book Day comes with a theme.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it seems the theme this week is “falling down.”  Allow me to present this poem I wrote based on Siege #3.

Norman Osborn sat on a wall.

Norman Osborn had a great fall.

All Marvel’s heroes and all Asgard’s men

Beat Norman down to a pulp. The end!

The Hulks are doing their share of falling, with the Fall of the Hulks storyline coming to a close.  In honor of that, I present a completely original Hulk-ku, callously stolen from the end of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Hulk want hug kitties.

But they so easy to squish!

Hulk live in cruel world.

Peter Parker falls lower than ever in Amazing Spider Man, losing his job while stepping between two dueling Rhino’s.  I don’t have any interesting poems about that, but it’s an interesting mental image.  Deadpool, of course, falls to an all new low as he recruits a scraggly puppy version of himself from another universe.

As always, you can find the complete list of this week’s new comics right here!

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