Magic Draft Sunday, also New Comic Book Day

Over this last week I’ve seen a lot of new Magic players coming by the store, so we’re holding one more booster draft.  This Sunday, 1:00.  Format will be Zendikar – Zendikar – Worldwake. Also, if you want to try a really good non-Magic card game, come on by on Saturday and play Warhammer:  Invasion with me.  I’ve been deckbuilding all day, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

And lest I forget, yesterday was New Comic Book Day!  We’re completely devoid of Blackest Night or Seige tie-ins, but the Incredible Hulk does have a one-shot where he very kindly asks Thor if he would stop hitting him with that stick.  Batman and Robin start the quest to find out what happened to Bruce Wayne.  And in Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2, a prepubescent version of Deadpool gives Scott Summers the most well deserved wedgie in the entire history of comic books.  As always, you can see the full list here or just come on down to Canton Games and check them out for yourself.

One Response to Magic Draft Sunday, also New Comic Book Day

  1. Pavel says:


    I was wondering whether you still play Warhammer: Invasion and if there is any group at your store that meets on a regular basis?

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