Want to play a game?

Oh, it’s event time. It’s been too long since we’ve held a game here, and you know the law – if a game store takes too long between games they take away our cool game store status and we have to become a Starbucks.  So! Here’s what’s happening.

This Sunday at 1:00, come on down to Canton Games for a Zendikar / Zendikar / Worldwake booster draft. The price is cut down to $12 for this one, but the prize pool stays the same. I’ll supply all the land you need for your deck.

Next weekend on Saturday the 13th we’ll be playing Warhammer Invasion. I’ve spent all day looking through the rules of this game and it looks plenty good. I know we’ve got a lot of fans of the game out there, so come on by on Saturday and pit your deckbuilding skills against me and anyone else who shows up. It’s a totally free game day.  I’d be glad to teach the game to any newcomers, of course. Please email me if you’d like to attend (legenddan@cantongames.com) – I need to know how many chairs to bring. If you just show up that’s fine, but it’ll mean I have to sit on the floor.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to start up an epic game of Diplomacy via email. I need exactly seven players to sign up, no cost to enter, and I’ll act as judge. Diplomacy is a game of charisma – making alliances with other players, attacking your enemies and protecting your buddies – until the time is right for you to stab them mercilessly in the back. I describe the game as epic – played via email it should take about four months to complete. Don’t let that scare you – all you have to do is check your email once a day and submit your moves to me twice a week. Play is limited to the first seven people who respond, so post a comment fast and email me to save your place.

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