New Comic Book Day & Huge Graphic Novel Sale!

Happy New Comic Book Day, everybody! This week’s issues seem to be girl themed. Yeah, I saw everybody’s attention perk up at that.

First up is the new Fall of the Hulks – Savage She Hulks. If she’s female and hulked out, she’ll be punching somebody in this issue. Next we have the Prelude to Deadpool Corps. The lovely Lady Deadpool beats up on a one-armed Colonel America. The Mutant Hope gets her own one-shot issue. And finally, Marvel’s appropriately named Girl Comic. I have to be honest – I haven’t read this one. I think opening it might break some sort of taboo or something.

Now the fun part. Everybody remembers our great sale on graphic novels – up to 30% off on everything DC or Marvel. We had a brainstorming session as to how we could make that sale even better, and the word came down – double it.

Select graphic novels (you’ll find them on the display table) are all the way down to 60% off the cover price. How can we offer such delirious discounts? Maybe we got a huge stack of them on the cheap. Maybe Websters redefined “Profit” to mean “Sell things below cost.” Maybe we just abuse our employees (me) and pass the savings on to you. Either way, come take advantage of this crazy-go-nuts deal!

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