Have A Magic New Comic Book Day!

This week tops the charts for must read comics. There’s 5 new additions to the Siege storyline. Blackest Night #7 brings the series to a climax. Spider Man meets up with Dr. Morbius. A cat fight breaks out between Wonder Woman & Power Girl. New Ultimate Enemy, X-Everything, and a new Marvel comic about a woman who fights dragons topless. Oh yeah – Deadpool & Spidey throw down with the mass monkey murderer – Hitmonkey. It’s all good, so come by Canton Games or just check out the full comic list here

And yet, there’s more. Magic players! Good news for all of you. We now have singles from the Alara block! We’ve got about 90% of the block in stock now. We’ve got oodles of rares from older sets, and over 7000 random cards I haven’t even had time to sort through yet. We are officially overstocked. So here’s what I’m doing.
For the rest of the month, all rares in the extended binder are $1 each. I assure you there’s some solid gold in here. I’ve also put together boxes of about 400 – 500 random cards of the same color for $20. I don’t count them out exactly, but they’ll be weighted in your favor, promise. These are from a mix of sets, lots of commons and uncommons in each box. If you’re a casual player and want a lot of new cards to pump up your deck, this is what you need. So come by, check it out. Lots of good will come of it.

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