Are your comics in good condition?

Brian just sent me this news article – pasted here for your consideration.
NEW YORK – A rare copy of the first comic book featuring Superman has sold for $1 million, smashing a record set just last year.
The issue sold Monday morning is a 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, widely considered the Holy Grail of comic books. It features Superman lifting a car on its cover and originally cost 10 cents.
It was sold by a private seller to a private buyer, neither of whom released their names. The sale was conducted by the auction site
The previous comic book record was set last year when $317,000 was paid for the same Action Comics No. 1 issue. This copy fetched a much higher price because it’s in better condition.
So what did we learn from all this? Well, I hope you’re keeping your comic collections in good condition. Hitmonkey#1 might not become a million dollar investment in 70 years, but then again it just might. You never know what somebody’s going to want real bad. So keep your comics clean and bagged, keep your figures in the plastic. And look me up in 2087 when you’re ready to sell that Hitmonkey #1. I’ll be old and senile by then, so you’ll probably get that million.

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