New Comic Book Day!

So I’m sure everyone remembers last week’s post, where I mentioned the goldfish who hungered for human flesh?  Well guess what I opened up in today’s boxes?  That’s right, a Blackest Night Aquaman figure.  My ability to predict the future now absolutely proven, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

My retirement plan secured, it’s time to get to this week’s comics.  Norman Osborn was not paying attention at the beginning of the month when I warned him not to tick off the Sentry.  The Blackest Night saga brings a few new additions, wrapping up the Flash miniseries and showing us the fate of Guy Gardner.  And at long, long last, Deadpool #19 hits shelves, teaming him up with Spider-Man against the Mercenary Monkey himself – HitMonkey.

Also.  Doomwar #1.  This is what I love to see in a comic book.  Doctor Doom gets mad about something and just beats the tar out of everybody.  Unless your name rhymes with Eed Ichards, you pretty much want to stay out of Doom’s way.  Doom once had a man shot for not applauding long enough.  That’s the kind of person I want running this country – someone who’s susceptible to a fair amount of butt kissing.  Doom for President 2012!

And one final announcement – we’ve had trucks out here all morning clearing away dump trucks full of snow.  Parking is no longer a problem.  I can see three open spaces without getting up out of my chair, and I’m sure there’s a dozen more on Essex St.  So come on by!

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