‘Snow day like new comic book day!

My apologies to everyone, but a chest high level of precipitation has slightly delayed New Comic Book Day – to today!  Unfortunately, it seems that the snow has scared off Deadpool, Norman Osborn, and anybody else involved in the Seige storyline – look for more of them next week.  What we do have is the final closure of Spider Man’s Mysterio Gauntlet storyline, Secret Six and Superboy entries to Blackest Night, and the new funniest thing I’ve seen so far this week – Hit Monkey.  The classic story of a primate who experiences personal tragedy and seeks revenge with a pair of pistols.  Join us next week when we can read the tale of a goldfish who, unsatisfied with his fishy flakes develops a hunger for human flesh.

And yet again, the Worldwake Sealed Deck tournament has been rescheduled to this Sunday.  Let’s hope that it doesn’t get snowed out again, huh?  I want to play!

*No, the goldfish comic isn’t real.  But it would be awesome.

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