Open again!

Whew.  Brian wasn’t kidding when he said we had a lot of shovelling to do.  As the only dork on my block without a snowblower, I can tell you that this was not a fun weekend.  Our tournament on Sunday had to be postponed due to a lack of people who could make it.  I don’t blame you guys for not coming – I couldn’t make it in either.  But today’s a new day, schools are closed (I hope) and everyone’s got a day off – come on down to Canton Games today.  We’ve still got plenty of Worldwake and other cool stuff, including a copy of Khet – a seriously awesome board game involving lasers.

Also!  I still have some advanced passes to see the new movie Wolfman.  It’s playing tomorrow, and if you want to see it (for free) all you have to do is come to the store.  I won’t even make you buy anything (but I’d appreciate it).

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