Happy New Comic Book Day – and a snow bonus

Good morning, class!  We have a very educational New Comic Book Day today, so let’s go over our lesson plan.

Blackest Night:  Wonder Woman #3 teaches us the true value of love in the face of zombies.

Siege #2 teaches us to never EVER piss off the Sentry.

Deadpool Teamup # 896 teaches us why hitting racoons with 18 wheelers is a bad thing.

Tomorrow looks extremely likely to be a snow day, so the after-school Magic Draft is cancelled.  Sorry.  Sunday’s sealed deck tournament is still on (so long as I can get out of my driveway) and all the Worldwake you could wish for is in the store now.  I know it’s a major pain to get here in the snow, so I’ll toss a freebie at you – anybody who drudges through the snow and ice tomorrow and comes into Canton Games gets free passes to see The Wolfman, starring Anthony Hopkins and some other guy I’ve never heard of.  We’ve also got hats & T-shirts to give away to anyone who picks up more Worldwake than they originally planned on.

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