DC Universe Wave 12 and lots of events!

Wave 12 of the ever popular DC Universe series is here!  It brings the likes of The Spectre, Iron, and Dr. Midnite, as well as reprints of Nightwing,  Batman and Superman with new “Best of ” display stands.  We also got in a new shipment of Wave 11, if you missed out on a few of those figures.

What else is new?  Well, there’s the Worldwake tournament going on tomorrow (not at the store – check the events page for full details) and on Monday we have the Malifaux demo.  Worldwake will be officially released on Friday, February 5th and we’re going to be holding a draft that night, starting at 4:00.  It’ll be either Zendikar – Zendikar – Worldwake, or 3x Worldwake, depending on what you guys want to do.

So remember:  Sunday, go to the MICA building (140 W. Lafayette Ave, Baltimore, MD  21217).  Monday 4-7, come to Canton Games for the Malifaux Demo.  Friday, come here at 4:00 for a Worldwake tournament.  And of course you could always just drop by to say hi.  I get lonely here on snow days.

<Special Bonus Edit>

In addition to the booster draft Friday Night, we’re having a Worldwake Release Party on Sunday the 7th.  Yes, that’s Super Bowl, and yes we will be finished in plenty of time for kickoff.  Sunday is going to be a sealed deck event – 3 packs of Zendikar and 3 packs of Worldwake.  $25 to enter, and plenty of prizes.

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