Something Worldwake this way comes…

Attention Magic players!  Worldwake is going to be released on February 5th.  Wanna get some of the new cards early?  Read on.

We’re helping to put on a pre-release event at the MICA building (Maryland Institute College of Arts).  Players get 3 packs of Zendikar and 3 packs of Worldwake, and need to build a 40 card deck out of that.  There will also be some Z-Z-W booster drafting going on.  People who participate in the main event will get a promotional foil Comet Storm card.

Also, if you want to know what some of the new cards are, come by Canton Games.  I’ve been keeping a close watch on the rumor mills and have a complete list of the future cards to be.  There’s some excellent combos that people will be pulling off during the PR tourneys, so come to Canton games and check out the list, then go see us this weekend to play!  The tournament will be Sunday, with signups starting at 12:00.  Don’t be late!

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