Healthy New Comic Book Day, and then some!

Hi, everyone.  Sorry about that.  I’m much better now, thanks for asking.

So!  New comic book day!  This week, Mysterio returns to confuse the crap out of Spider-Man and myself, the Blackest Night – Flash features a blue Barry Allen, and Deadpool breaks the first two rules of Fight Club.  We also have two new entries into the Fall of the Hulk series.  More on this in the comments.

In other news, the Malifaux demo has been rescheduled to Monday, February 1st from 4-7.  I’ll repost a reminder when we get closer to the date.  Again, my sincere apologies to anyone who came to the store for the demo and found us locked up.  I was sicker than I’d been in years.  Please, come back on the first and give the demo another shot.  It’s going to be a great game, and if you come to the demo I’ll give you 20% off any Malifaux purchase.

In other, other news, Magic players should keep their Sundays free for the rest of the month.  We’ve got another Zendikar draft on Sunday here at the store, unless I can talk you guys into drafting with all foil Alara boosters.  Then next saturday we’ve got a pre-release tournament for the new Magic set Worldwake!  That will NOT be held at the store.  There’s going to be too many people for our little back room to handle.  Specific details are posted on our events page.  It’s that tab at the top, on the leftish side.  Check it out!

One Response to Healthy New Comic Book Day, and then some!

  1. legenddan says:

    So. Fall of the Hulks. Following are my opinions, and they may contain a few spoilers if you’re not all up-to-datey. Read with caution.

    I got real irritated when I first read Alpha and Gamma in the series. I understand the need for the intros, to give the back story behind the Illuminatus and the many different flavors of Hulk. Backstory is cool. But when I pick up a comic book with the word HULK on the cover, I expect somebody to get punched. By the HULK. Alpha and Gamma felt like a pair of pacifist comics. The only one who did any smashing was me.

    Now in Hulk #12 and Incredible Hulk #606, the story redeems itself promptly. Red Hulk vs. Thing. Bruce Banner vs. Doctor Doom. If I want to hear people crying about what happened last year, I’ll go read the Marvel Divas graphic novel. When I pick up the Hulk, I don’t think it’s too much to expect some fighting.


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