Malifaux Demo this Sunday!

I don’t usually play miniature games.  I like the idea of them – I love the idea of building an army and then pitting it against my opponent’s creation.  And I love the chess aspect of the game – moving my guys around on the grid and out-maneuvering my opponent so he falls into a carefully planned ambush.  The reason I don’t play, though, is the dice.  It’s happened to me one time too many where I’ve made a magnificent play and then BAM – rolled six straight ones, missing everything and leaving my opponent to wipe the floor with me.

Malifaux doesn’t have that problem.  The game is all card driven.  Instead of rolling a six sided die, you play a card from your hand to determine effects.  There is some randomness to the game – flipping cards off the top of the deck is a big mechanic – but if you don’t like the result you can “cheat fate” and play a card from your hand instead.  So now, even with the worst luck in the world, you can still make a perfect move to outplay your opponent.  Another thing – the art on the cards is fantastic.  It’s got this creepy-cute style to it that looks like something out of a Jhonen Vasquez fantasy.

Oh, right.  The demo.  Come to Canton Games all day on Sunday and learn how to play for free.  We’re having a special guest star do the actual demo, so I get to relax and have fun with this one.  I will highly recommend everybody come by to check it out.  Even if you’re not usually a miniature gamer, Malifaux is definitely worth checking out.  And as a special bonus deal, anybody who attends the demo and then decides to buy some figures gets 20% off.  So come check it out.  You’ll have a good time.

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