Holiday Hangover

Well.  That was fun.  I hope every one of you had as much fun during the holidays as I did.  This year I walked away with the D&D 4.0 DM guide 1 & 2, Players guide 1 & 2, andKingsburg and the expansion, and my lovely fiancee got the Alhambra big box, amongst many other Nightmare before Christmas and Doctor Who toys.

So tell me about your holidays.  Post a comment, tell me what toys & games you got that were awesome, and what did you give someone else that made them smile?  Did you really play Ticket to Ride with your mother-in-law?  Talk it up!  I wanna know.

Oh yes – come in on Sunday for a Magic Draft.  Starting at 1:00.

2 Responses to Holiday Hangover

  1. JP says:

    This year my girlfriend surprised me with a copy of 1960: Making of a President. A cuthroat political campaign is the perfect evening in. She preordered it from my favorite FLGS!

  2. MVM says:

    My girlfriend gave me a great new paint caddy. She also tried very hard to make me a Malifaux shirt. She gave me the prototype- but has reserved the right to continue working on it till she gets it right! I’ll be in the store on January 17th to run Malifaux demos for anyone who is interested!


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