Cool Yule Deal #24: Family Games

This is it – the final Cool Yule Deal.  It’s been a lot of fun on this end of the keyboard, missing deadlines, losing my cheat sheet of what deals are to come and having to make things up on the fly…  Good times.  So what did everyone think of the Cool Yule Advent Calendar?  Post your comments – you could shape the future of Canton Games in the next holiday season.

What?  Oh, right.  Today’s deal.  This is one that comes with a condition.  I’ll give you 25% off any game in the store, on the sole condition that you promise to play it with your family over the holiday.  I can give you lots of recommendations if you’re not sure.  Ticket to Ride is the #1 game preferred by Mother-In-Laws (no, really!) and Wits & Wagers can be played with as many players as you want.  Come in and poke around.  Find something good to share with the family, and make this holiday special.

Oh yeah.  And Merry Christmas.


I knew I was forgetting something!  Merry New Comic Book Day!  Marvel has unfortunately declared this week to be a No Deadpool Zone, so let’s see what else they cooked up.  We have the Gamma edition of Fall of the Hulks, Spiderman gets some Sandmen in his shoes, and Norman Osborne blows up his own house.

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