Cool Yule Deal #21 – Free Dice!

There’s no such thing as too many dice.  If you’re a roleplayer, that’s doubly true.  And until the end of the year, if you come to Canton Games and buy any two roleplaying books, we’ll let you customize your own dice set out of our loose dice stock.  If you need two D10’s instead of a D12, no problem.  We can customize the dice set to whatever your character needs.   And if you haven’t seen this already, D&D 4th edition core books are on super-sale.  You can get the Players Guide and Player’s Guide 2 for $31.50, essentially getting PG2 for free.  It’s a cool package deal we’ve got here at the store, and to make it cooler you get a set of dice along with.  It’s win/win!

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