Cool Yule Deal #19: Collectable Card Games!

There have been a lot of card games released throughout the years, and I mean a LOT.  Some, like Magic, Yugioh and Pokemon become instant hits, get their own cartoon shows and turn some Japanese guy into a zillionaire.  Today’s deal focuses on the other card games.  Some, like Legend of the 5 Rings, are great games with huge followings that have just petered out over time.  A few games, like Versus, were absolutely great but got overshadowed during their initial release and never got the attention they deserved.  And some, like the Street Fighter card game…  Well, some just sucked.

Now at Canton Games, all collectable card games EXCEPT the big three (Magic, Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon) are buy 4, get one free.  If you’ve ever looked at the Battlestar Galactica card game and wondered, or you’ve wanted to get into the Versus battles, or you want to buy six hundred packs of the World of Warcraft card game looking for the rare loot cards – now is the perfect time.

2 Responses to Cool Yule Deal #19: Collectable Card Games!

  1. I’ve been a massive fan of poke’mon since I first heard about it. Of course, i have played all of the games and my top favorite poke’monis darkrai. Its also one of the trickiest pokemon to find. So Ive createda siteto teach people how to collectdarkrai in the pokemon games.

    • legenddan says:

      Normally I delete spam posts like this immediately, but as a huge pokemon fan myself I just wanted to say that your site is wrong. You can’t actually get Darkrai through the method you’ve described. The only way to obtain him is to attend one of the pokemon events and receive the appropriate ticket, or hack it via gameshark. You cannot get him naturally through the course of the game.

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