Cool Yule Deal #17: 4″ Action Figures

Today’s deal hits all the 4″ action figures we’ve got lining the back walls.  All the G.I. Joe movie figures, Wolverine Origins figures (including a little tiny Deadpool with no mouth or uniform) and the DC Universe minis.  There’s probably a couple others back there that I missed, but if they’re tiny and on the wall, they’re buy two, get one free.

And oh yeah!  It’s new comic book day!  Let’s see what this week’s exciting installments bring us.  Hrm…  Spider Man throws down the gauntlet with the new and improved Sandman, Gotham City takes a snow day (Not Victor Friez’s fault!) and Deadpool takes his zombified severed head down to a Florida bayou.


Come into Canton Games.  Mention that you saw this Cool Yule deal.  I take you out to a movie.  No, seriously.  I’ve got a big stack of tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes movie, playing Monday night at Arrundel Mills Mall, and there’s nobody I’d rather take than you.  Of course, if you’ve got somebody else you’d rather see it with, you could ask me nice and I’ll give you an extra ticket for them.

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