Cool Yule Deal #12: Magic Theme Decks

Wow. That was up here quite a while without having any actual text.  Why didn’t you guys comment and yell at me?  I know you were curious about the deal.

Today we have a big deal for the Magic players in the audience.  All theme decks and preconstructed decks are at an astonishing 30% off.  This drops just about all of the precons down to the $7 range – cheaper than three packs of cards.  If you’re looking for specific cards from the theme decks, I’m happy to look up the decklists for you to tell you what’s inside.

Horrible disclaimer time – this deal doesn’t include the premium sliver deck or the Garruk vs. Liliana duel deck.  Those two are under such a limited quantity we can’t rationalize a big discount like that, but we can do 10% off on them.

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