Cool Yule Deal #11: Roleplaying books

Where are the Cheetos?  Can I have a Mountain Dew?

If you know why that’s funny, this deal is for you.  All roleplaying books at Canton Games are now at 30% off retail price.  This includes all the D&D books we have on our rack, the 3.5 books we kept around for the purists, and the entire bookshelf full of other roleplaying games.  So if you’ve ever wanted to cast Magic Missile at the Darkness, come on down to Canton Games.

At the moment, I’m playing a half orc barbarian named THOG.  If nothing interesting happens for five minutes, THOG does something to get the party in trouble.  In our last session, he used a battalion of armed hobgoblins as a latrine.  THOG also believes in yelling at bears to get them to go away, and he seems to have learned Common from the Incredible Hulk.

So come on into Canton Games, tell me about your favorite character and I’ll tell you the story of Rat Bowling.  And pick up all sorts of roleplaying books at an awesome 30% off!

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