Cool Yule Deal #10 – Yu-gi-oh packs!

Today’s deal is for all the yu-gi-oh players out there.  Pick any 4 booster packs of Yu-gi-oh and pay only $10.  Any set we’ve got in our display case (not counting Hidden Arsenal) falls under this deal.  There’s no upper limit either – as many packs as you need, 4 packs for $10.  And you know what?  Let’s extend this deal to Pokemon as well.  Catch ’em all, 4 for $10.

Special Bonus Deal:  Magic Players, since I don’t think I’ve spoiled you enough – any single foil cards you might want are now the same price we’d charge for the normal cards.  Commons a quarter, uncommons 50 cents, and bulk rares $1.  They’re normally $2, but remember Cool Yule Deal #6?  That’s right, they’re cumulative.

Come one, come all, to Canton Games and get your holiday fill of Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon packs and Magic foils on the cheap!

Oh yeah!  Today is also New Comic Book Day!  This week’s installments bring a What If? conclusion to World War Hulk, SpiderMan wraps up the Electro portion of the Gauntlet, and Deadpool shows Cyclops his moves.

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