Cool Yule Deal #9 – Magic Freebies!

Magic players who frequent Canton Games already know the deal on Magic packs – $3.29 each instead of $3.99, and if you pick up 10 packs at once they go down to $2.99.  I’m going to sweeten that a little bit – along with the 10 packs I’ll throw in one of our DCI promo cards we have laying around.  If you don’t like the promo, I have box toppers from 9th edition that were big chasers, and if you’re STILL not happy (picky) I’ll give you a foil out of our binder instead.  I’ll probably even let you pick.

So come to Canton Games – cheapest per-pack prices on Magic you’re likely to find anywhere, and freebie promo cards tossed in on top of that.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah – if you’re coming in to buy Magic cards, don’t forget that we also have a list of singles we’re looking to buy from you.  Dual lands, Baneslayer Angels, Vampire Nocturnus…  Bring in your trade binder and work out a deal with me.  I’m easy to trade with.

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