Cool Yule Deal #8 – Dominion Trilogy!

Now this is the deal I’ve been wanting to post up for awhile now.  If you’ve come into the store at any point since I’ve started here and asked about board games, I’ve pointed out Dominion to you.  This is easilly the best game to have come out of Rio Grande in the last 5 years.  The rules are simple, the gameplay is quick, there’s always a choice to be made, even when it’s not your turn you’re planning and plotting, and the whole game only takes 25 minutes.

So because this is my personal top choice I’m offering a better deal than normal.  Dominion with the two expansions retail at roughly $135.  I’m putting the whole Dominion collection at $99.  If you pick up the Dominion Trilogy here, I’ll cut the price of the 500 count card carriers in half – $1 each.  And on top of THAT, if you want card sleeves to go with your set I’ll drop 20% off of those.

If there’s a boardgamer or Magic player in your household, I guarantee they’ll love Dominion.

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