Cool Yule #7: Bakugan!

If you’ve been in the vacinity of any kids younger than seven you’ve probably seen them playing with Bakugan.  This marble combat game is this year’s “must have them all” craze amongst the kids, and we here at Canton Games are making it easier on you.  Until the end of the month, all Bakugan figures we carry are buy 3, get one free.  Not just the individual marbles either, but the tins, the Bakurack (a game played by James Bond) and anything else with the word bakugan on it.   Buy three of them, get a fourth at no cost.  These make good stocking stuffers, wrapped gifts, or just some toys to make the boy happy for awhile.

Okay, so the James Bond joke went over a few heads.  The point is, Bakugan are buy three, get one free at Canton Games!

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