Cool Yule Deal #6 – Magic Singles!

Heads up, Magic players:  This one is for you.

First off, we’ve got a bulk deal for you.  You can pick 100 cards out of our bulk boxes in whatever color and set combination you’d like for $5.  That’s a nickel a card – way better than the standard quarter.  This deal only applies to the cards in the white boxes behind the counter and any commons that are still in our binders.  I’d probably let you get away with a couple uncommons as well, if you ask me nicely.  If you don’t want to pick them out yourself, or you’re planning on giving a big ol’ stack as a gift, I’ll give you a *carefully measured* handful for the same price.

In addition, all the rares in my big bulk binder are getting cut in half – $1 rares instead of $2.  And if you trade in any cards on our buy list on the same transaction I’ll extend the $1 deal to **some of our M10 and Zendikar rares as well.**

And while this isn’t a unique in December deal, don’t forget that our pack prices are already the lowest around.  $3.29 per pack instead of the $3.99 that WotC wants us to charge, and if you get 10 packs at once the price goes down to $2.99.  So come to Canton Games and stuff your stocking (or holiday footwear of your choice) with Magic: The Gathering!

*Carefully measured is not actually measured at all.  But it’s going to be more than 100 cards.

**”Some rares” means it’s entirely up to me which cards fall in this promotion.  No, you’re not going to get a Baneslayer Angel for $1, but there are a lot of other good cards you might end up with.

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