Cool Yule presents: Happy New Comic Book Day!

And what a New Comic Book Day it is!  To start things off, we’ve got the Blackest Night entry for Wonder Woman and the entire rainbow worth of Lanterns.  On the Marvel side of life, we’ve got the prelude to Siege and the Fall of the Hulks.  The gods of Asgard declare war on Latvaria, and Deadpool decides not to kill anyone today.

And to nicely compliment New Comic Book Day, today’s Cool Yule deal is:  All back issues of comic books – 5 for $10!  So if you want to find out exactly why Deadpool has a sudden interest in pacifism, you can pick up the last few issues you missed and catch up on it real fast.  This is also the best way to get into the Darkest Night saga – If you haven’t been following that from day one you’re missing a great storyline.

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