Cool Yule day 2: High End Collectable Figures at 20% off!

Every single person who’s ever come into Canton Games has taken a look at our nice display figures.  And you’ve all thought at some point “Man, that’s a nice bust of Wolverine” or “I bet Heath Ledger’s face would look great in my living room.”  Well, now’s your chance.  All of our top-shelf display figures are now 20% off the retail price.  Come in, browse around a bit.  If there’s a display piece you want but you don’t see it on our shelves, just ask us.  We can order just about anything, and we’ll do it for you because you’re just so darn cool.

Okay, it’s time for some legal mumbo jumbo just to clear up a few points.  When we give 20% off, that’s 20% of the retail price, not necessarily the sticker price.  So if the figure retails at $100, you get it for $80.  Also, these Cool Yule deals can’t be combined with other promotions, but whichever deal saves you the most money that’s the one we’ll let you use.  If you’ve got a Roll the Dice coupon, you’ve got to decide between using that and picking from the Cool Yule deal, and you’ve got to decide before you throw the dice.  Different Cool Yule deals will stack together, just not with other promotions.

And here’s a special bonus deal for sticking with me through all that disclaimer nonsense:  With any purchase of $10 or more worth of Yu-gi-oh cards, we’ll give you your choice of one of our promo cards we have laying around.  Also also (Hey, it was a long disclaimer) if you pick up $20 worth of Heroclix, we’ll give you one of those rare figures that you’re only supposed to get by winning a tournament.  So come on down to Canton Games for all your holiday shopping.

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