DC Universe Wave 11 in stock now!

Just came in today in the largest freaking UPS shipment I’ve ever seen (Seriously, it took up the front half of the store) are the new and long awaited DC Universe action figures!  There’s three classic figures – Superman, Batman, and the Flash, along with other awesome characters like the Cyborg Superman and the fan picked The Question.

What else happens on December First?  That’s right!  The launch of the Cool Yule Advent Calendar!  We’re going to start the season off right with the most clever party game to come out in a long while – Wits and Wagers.  This game is a trivia game for people who don’t know anything.  Like me.  The question gets asked and everyone writes down their answer, but you get points not by being right, but by betting on which answer you think is correct!  Even if you get every question completely wrong you can still come out a big winner in Wits & Wagers.

The Cool Yule deal for today – get Wits & Wagers, plus the expansion (adding 700 new questions) and get 20% off retail price.  It’s an awesome price for a great game, and it makes a good gift for that aunt you have that always likes to host parties.

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