Happy New Comic Book Day!

It’s new Comic Book Day!  A few days late due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s all good.

This week, DC’s Blackest Night gets a little darker with new Green Lantern, JLA and Teen Titans all at once, Spider Man has a hot date with Ms. Marvel, and Deadpool…  Well, he’s mysteriously absent from this week’s comics, but that’s because he spent his time in a graphic novel Classic collection!

In the board gaming world today, we finally have the new power grid expansion, complete with a big empty box to hold the actual pieces, and the new Power Grid Factory manger!  This is a completely new game by Friedemann Friese.  You take on the role of the man in the power plant, making your plant more efficient than your opponents.  You also have to juggle the cost of your employees with the ever rising costs of energy.  I played this game while it was still in protoype form, and I can tell you that if you were a fan of Power Grid, Factory manager is a no brainer.

Very good!  I see a lot of you are stopping by the website looking forward to the Cool Yule Advent Calendar.  Hello, all of you!  You’re a little bit early, but I promise nothing but good deals starting Tuesday and lasting throughout the entire month of December!  Okay, there’s one or two lousy deals thrown in the mix, but those are only there to make the good stuff look better!  And to balance those off, let me make one nice alteration to the deal.  Each time I put up a new offer on this site, instead of just lasting for that day it’s going to last all the way up until Christmas!  Of course, we’ll be closed on the 25th, so you’ll have to get your presents somewhere else then, but

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