Heroclix Fans Rejoice!

The new Heroclix set is out with a mighty vengance.  The Hammer of Thor is at Canton Games now, and we’ve got some rare limited edition figures to go with it.  Anyone who picks up five or more boosters gets their choice of one of our exclusive figures:  Son of Surtur, Gharsky, Samantha Parrington, Skull Brother or (saving the obvious best for last) Thor, The Reigning.  Want more?  Pick up a full brick and get a super-crazy-exclusive Ragnarok Surtur.  This big mother of a djinn has the words “Stronger than any god” written right on his card.

<edit!>  All distributors are now completely sold out of Hammer of Thor.  We have a brick or two in reserve, but if you want to get in on this set or pick up the exclusive figures, you’ve got to do it soon.

Also in the shipment of awesome that came in today is the new Yu-gi-oh expansion:  Stardust Overdrive.  We still have a few packs of Hidden Arsenal left in our display – this all foil set has been flying off store shelves faster than we can order it.  And finally, we got one more shipment of Magic:  2010.

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