Park and Play at Canton Games!

What does Canton Games and Monopoly have in common?  Free parking!  Essex street is currently being converted to a one-way road.  Parking, instead of the parallell nightmare it used to be, is now going to be a super-easy head first slant parking.  That’s a long-winded way of saying we’ve got an entire street as our parking lot.  Never again will you need to carry your armload of great games four blocks to your car.

And to break in our new parking structure, Canton Games will be holding another Magic Booster Draft this Sunday at 1:00.  Come one, come all, bring your friends, and try to defeat last tournament’s reigning champion!  We’ll be drafting Zendikar again, so get your allies ready.

<surprise bonus edit>

Anyone who comes in the store and mentions that they saw this posting gets a free ticket to go see Ninja Assassin on Thursday!  I’ve only got about a dozen tickets here, so the first to come will be the first to be served.

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